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A Warm Welcome from Ruth


Ruth Henricks, along with her husband, Bob, and their children, Daniel and Janet, moved to San Diego from Big Rock, Illinois ( near Aurora, a Chicago suburb) in December 1979. Beginning her career in the Huddle’s dining room as an apprentice waitress working for tips only, she learned her trade quickly and enthusiastically. After being put on the payroll, Ruth became a full time waitress with her own shift. The next step was to put her cooking skills to work in the Huddle kitchen and behind the grill.  Having spent many years on a farm in Illinois, Ruth had already honed her skills at cooking nutritious, tasty meals on a budget. 

With Bob’s sister Terry Pierce (the owner of the Huddle at that time) as her partner, Ruth leased and operated the “Huddle at the Y” inside the Armed Services YMCA from April 1981 to April 1989.  In 1986, Ruth and Bob were given the opportunity to purchase the Huddle from Terry. So, for the next two years, lives became hectic as the family began running two restaurants.

Wall hangings at The Huddle include certificates presented to Ruth from local television stations, local agencies and the Points of Light award signed by President Clinton to highlight her volunteer work since 1991 in the AIDS Community. It was that year that Ruth founded Special Delivery San Diego, a volunteer driven 501 (c )(3) California Corporation preparing and delivering fresh, nutritious meals to men, women, children and families living with or affected by AIDS. 

In 1997, Huddle by the Park Restaurant and Bakery was opened in historic downtown Chula Vista. Formerly Harvey’s Restaurant and Bakery, a popular family eatery, Bob and Ruth were able to bring their homestyle dining format and family menu to the South Bay. But we were back to the craziness of running two restaurants plus a bakery! The Huddle by the Park was sold in February 2002, and Ruth brought Janet from that restaurant to assist in running and managing the Huddle. At that same time, Daniel began furthering his education in the computer field and in 2020 he graduated with an AS in Network Administration and Security Degree.  

Izayah Harris Flowers was born to Jennifer on August 22, 2017. Janet’s first grandchild and Bob and Ruth’s first great grandchild. 

So many more stories could be told time permitting. (And once you start Ruth telling stories, you won’t be able to shut her up!!)

At the Huddle, we will continue to enjoy each and every one of our customers, cater any event from cozy to elegant, and continue baking homestyle cakes and pastries to delight any palate!

Because our restaurant is a human institution and not solely a moneymaking operation, we trust you will have enjoyment and camaraderie as well as a good meal while under our roof.

For many, the Huddle is a “home away from home”. We welcome this. Our desire is for you to have quality time shared here with friends (old and new), family and business associates. We hope our service and food are so well blended that your experience with us will be one you will want to repeat often. 

May the business that may have brought you here prosper, may your loved ones experience good health and happiness, may your friends bring you joy and as you leave here, may your journey be safe.  

Thank you for being part of the Huddle – “Where Good Friends Meet”.

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